Sexual Abuse by Clergy

The Hope of Survivors
Clergy Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse—Pastoral
Power Point by Diane Langberg PhD

Pastoral Sexual Abuse with Diane Langberg, PhD

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“If your primary allegiance is to your church, to the institution’s preservation, then you will sin to preserve it. If your allegiance is to Christ, you will relinquish the church, the institution, rather than sin.”

The Anglican Communion   Safe Church Consultation

The Consultation is a growing international group of people committed to the physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare and safety of all people involved in churches throughout the Anglican Communion.

Its members have been providing resources to educate about the issue of abuse and misconduct in the churches, and have equipped and supported people working to make their churches safe.

Partnering for Prevention: A Conference on Abuse in our Communion and our Communities held June 23 – 26, 2011, Victoria, B.C., Canada.

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