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Detailed Contents of Book: Spiritual Abuse Recovery

Chapter 1 What’s Going On?

The Problem Introduced
Church Issue and Ministry Problem
The Context of the Study
Purpose and Research Question
How Participants Were Recruited
Size of People Sample
Limiting Conditions
Internet Factor

Chapter 2 What Do Other People Say?

Introduction to the Literature Reviewed
Church Leaving and Spiritual Abuse
Grace, Identity, and Community
Pentecostal and Charismatic Issues

Chapter 3 What Does the Bible Say?

The Mar Factors
The Inaccuracy of Legalism
Description of the Hierarchical/Authoritarian Model
Origin of the Hierarchical/Authoritarian Model
Critique of the Hierarchical/Authoritarian Model
Leadership from a New Testament Perspective
The Journey Towards Restoration

Chapter 4 What Does This Research Say?

Description of the Research Project
Analysis of the Surveys
Analysis of the Pastor’s Surveys
Summary and Conclusions

Chapter 5 What Can We Do About It? 
Summary and Implications for the Church


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