Meet Barb

Meet Dr. Barb Orlowski
Barb is a Canadian who lives in Langley, B. C., Canada. Barb’s doctoral research was published in a book called: 

Spiritual Abuse Recovery:  Dynamic Research on Finding a Place of Wholeness. 

As a researcher on the topic, Barb spends her time networking and ministering on the topics of spiritual abuse and recovery and biblical gender equality.

Dr. Orlowski’s book gives voice to those who have experienced spiritual abuse in their home church and how they recovered from this devastating experience. This research gives insights into this complex and sensitive church ministry issue. Her book is a resource for caring church leaders and for those wounded in the church.

Barb has experience as a speaker, teacher, researcher, and author. Barb lived overseas with her husband and two children as expatriates and had the privilege of traveling in various countries. After returning to Canada, Barb was involved in church ministry while being enrolled as a student at A.C.T.S. Seminaries in Langley, B.C.

Barb earned two Masters degrees and a Doctor of Ministry degree and has the distinction of being the first female to complete the doctoral program at A.C.T.S. seminaries.

Barb loves to connect and network with others who are passionate about the topic of spiritual abuse and recovery.

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One of Dr. Barb’s Favorite Quotes:

The community of God’s people

owe their life together as a body

to their common,

lavish experience

of the Spirit.

                                                            ~ Gordon D. Fee

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